A Love Affair With Drum N Bass (Ep. #221)

Episode 221 is focused on the sounds of Drum N Bass and the surrounding genres, and features our very good friend Mister Shifter. He joined us recently for a DJ performance on Twitch, and we’ve posted a teaser of that set which you should definitely watch!

We’ll be posting his full DnB set later in the summer!

While he was here, we recorded this interview where we talk about Drum N Bass and the surrounding genres. We also discuss the struggles of forging an identity while playing and making multiple styles of music, working in duos/trios/collabs, DAW software and music production, piano lessons, DJ gear, mixing “DJ unfriendly” music and 45s… and of course, our guest’s obsessive collecting and organizational habits.

Columbus-based DJ/producer Mister Shifter is a purveyor of fine bass-minded music, and former founding half of Random Movement. He’s seen releases on Dispatch Recordings | Bassbin | Innerground Records | Skeleton Recordings | Flexout Audio | Foxy Jangle | Aufect | Lightless Recordings | Flight Pattern.