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What is Passionate DJ?

Passionate DJ is a platform which strives to inspire, entertain, and inform DJs of all stripes. We are dedicated to the science of mixing music, preserving the art of selection, and exploring the role of the modern DJ.

We acknowledge the fact that a DJ is rarely just a DJ, anymore. In order to be heard, we have to be much more than that. We’re all promoters. We’re all media companies. We’re all PR firms. And we’re all constantly finding that balance between creativity and self-promotion.

Whether you’re hosting weddings with your mobile business, running the pro club circuit, hosting an online radio show or simply playing tunes in your bedroom… I think you’ll find something interesting, here. Come along on the journey with us. And together, we’ll become better DJs through passion and purpose.

Getting Started

The Passionate DJ Podcast is a weekly talk show for DJs. Every week, we explore a new topic.  Some episodes include interviews with interesting people in the industry (like West Coast pioneer Egyptian Lover, or rave legend Disco Donnie). Some are informational, like giving tips for new DJs or learning how to maintain your turntables. New episodes are released every Monday.

We also host a plethora of articles for DJs. Some are meant to be helpful resources, like the Controller Compendium or this beginner’s guide on How to Become a DJ. Others are inspirational, like this bit of Advice for DJs who aspire to greatness. And some of them are just flat-out controversial, like this piece which talks about beatmatching by ear.