Basic Livestreaming Tips for DJs (Ep. 203)

In Episode 203 we are joined by DJ Brains to talk about some basic tips for making sure your livestreams go smoothly. “Going live” has become rather popular in the DJ community during the year 2020 for obvious reasons, so today we'll discuss how to make sure they look great, sound great, and keep a stable connection.

Some topics we discuss:

• Some reasons you may want to buy a fancier router.
(Stability, transmit distance, features, and “getting under the hood”)

• Things that affect your WiFi signal.
(Distance from router, solid barriers, microwaves, other WiFi signals, etc.)

• Things that affect your bandwidth.
(Other users on your network, upstream vs. downstream, rural vs. urban)

• CPU and other bottlenecks
(PC specs, solid state drives vs. HDD, RAM.)

• Video and sound tips
(Lighting, sound, adapters, ambient noise.)

DJ Brains offers professional DJ services in Southwest OH for special events, weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings. He's also one of our original Passionate DJ Amassadors crew. Special thanks to Leo for joining us, and to Mo Dingo for putting this together!

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