Beyond The Grid (Ep. #219)

In today's episode we catch up with Cody and Gerrad of Cryztal Grid, to find out what they've been doing in the last several months. As it turns out…. a lot! Today, we hear all about their other projects:

💙 Chilled Samples
A podcast and sound sample source for lo-fi producers:

💙 Red Rocks Dubstep & Riddim Drums
A unique sound pack capturing the energy of Red Rocks amphitheater:

And their musical side-projects:

💙 Summit One (a lo-fi hip-hop project by Cody)
💙 Cloud Effect (an ambient music project by Gerrad)
💙 Celestial Intentions (a binaural beats project by Gerrad)
… all available now on Spotify!

And, of course, always check out the lovely sounds of Cryztal Grid:

Since their inception in 2017, Cryztal Grid has exploded into the electronic music scene. Their live sets infuse a wide variety of bass music with live saxophone and both organic and electronic drums. Cody and Gerrad combine their rhythmic and melodic talents to create an experience, self-titled as, Rhythm Meets Melody. Similarly, they utilize their unique personalities and perspectives to create emotionally charged, melodic bass music. They center their production and live shows around connecting with people, sharing experiences, and inspiring listeners to be their best, happy selves.

Also be sure to check out their awesome photographer, Branden Uhrig!