Breaking In The Warehouse (Ep. #223)

In today’s episode, we’re primarily talking about Passionate DJ’s latest adventure: throwing live events! In our main segment, we feature an interview with Entel. He was the headliner for our launch event, where he played lovely progressive house and other forms of melodic dance music to a small outdoor crowd of around 150 people.

We threw a secret warehouse pop-up party in Downtown Dayton, OH. This was the first event that PDJ has thrown under it’s own name since 2014, so we wanted it to be special. We asked ENTEL to headline the show for us, because his melodic and emotional style fits Passionate DJ well, but also because he’s been making moves in the industry. Many more events at this spot (which is called HQ|DYT) are to come.

We also talk about the upcoming launch of our new channel, Passionate DJ Performances. This is where we will be posting our DJ sets and mixes, going forward. You can check it out by going here:

💙 Passionate DJ Performances 💙

Before diving into the main topic, we also talk quickly about some news in the DJ space, such as:

  • The new Traktor beta, with Beatport integration
  • Serato support for the CDJ-3000
  • “End of Life” RANE gear
  • Rekordbox and their new “Professional” plan

Also, David got a new doggo.