Breaking The Code: When DJ Hardware Gets “Leaked”? | ep# 233

How do you take it to heart when someone asks you to keep a secret?  If it’s a close friend, does that matter more than a casual acquaintance?  

What about trade secrets at your work place?  Do you share the secret recipes with your friends and family?  If you have the inside on the next big piece of tech hardware, are going to break that news on your MySpace Page to let all your friends know?  

In this weeks episode, we discuss a recent incident within the DJ space where a new piece of hardware was leaked to the public, several days in advance of if official release date.

To most DJ’s out there, it’s not a big deal.  As a matter of fact, it’s probably a bonus to get the inside scoop on new kit!  However, for content creators, honoring embargo can have a huge negative impact on your reach vs those that chose to “leak” information!

Tune in as we discuss these recent events, and also cover some news on the problems that Ticket Master faced this past week when tickets for the latest Taylor Swift world tour went on sale.  The long waits in line and the high processing fees even caught the attention of a member of the United States House of Representatives. 

Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco is part of a bigger problem in the music industry.

by Cody Mello-Klein of News@Northwestern


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