Crossroads (ep. #225)

Today's episode has two purposes: making up for missing the 2021 “holiday” recap episode, and making a big announcement regarding the future of Passionate DJ and the podcast.

(Spoiler ahead:)

Mo Dingo is now the official host of The Passionate DJ Podcast. This comes as a result of expanding Passionate DJ into many different types of content. Between our online guides, our hardware reviews, industry updates, DJ mixes, live events and more… it became too difficult for David make due dates for the podcast.

Making Mo the host is both a logical progression, and an exciting proposition. We will all still be regulars on the show, but Mr. Dingo is the guy hosting and publishing the podcast, so that David can continue focusing on other Passionate DJ content.

As we do in our typical holiday episodes, we also reach out to some old friends. Today we're talking with Brian James (The Engineer), DJ AXCESS, B-Funk, and DJ Serrato (no relation). We also recap all of 2021, talking about all the great stuff we did as Passionate DJ.

Thank you all for subbing to the new YouTube channel…

And remember…