Cutting Up w/Ike B. (Ep. #215)

Today we're proud to present one of our hometown heroes, Ike B (da bad boy). Ike has an impressive DJ resumé, and has spent many years on FM radio as a mix show DJ. In today's episode, he shares with us a little bit about his history, what he misses about old-school radio, his love for hip-hop (especially The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff). Today's show comes with a language warning!

Ike also shared a little about a brand he's working with, called Keepin It 1200. You can check the apparel out here:

We also hear a brief news spot from the homie, Mo Dingo, following up on his CASE Act segment back in Episode 213. The CASE Act refers to new litigation about media piracy, which may or may not eventually trickle down to DJs.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about today's episode, and radio DJing in general. Is it a lost art? Does podcasting play a role in bringing it back? Let us know by joining the conversation at