Well Rounded DJs w/Brian Savage (Passionate DJ Podcast #167)

* Note: the camera cut out at the beginning and we lost 2 or 3 minutes. Ain’t technology great? To catch you up: Tony met Brian who was DJing at a local club back in the 90s. He began to observe, study, and learn the craft of DJing by watching Brian work. They’ve been great friends for over 20 years.

Today on The Passionate DJ Podcast we have a chat with Brian Savage: club DJ, mobile DJ, radio personality, and a brand ambassador for Denon. He also works behind-the-scenes with the team for Shaquille O’Neal – aka DJ Diesel.

Brian and Tony have known each other for over two decades (in fact, Brian introduced Tony to many DJing concepts back in the early 90s). Brian’s body of work covers many different areas of DJing. He’s basically done it all, and has always fearlessly pursued gigs of all kinds.

This breadth of experience makes him a well-rounded DJ, and experienced industry insider.

We cover many different DJ-related topics in this freeform conversation. Enjoy!