We finally hit the triple digits! In this special episode of the Passionate DJ Podcast, you'll hear the replay of our exclusive livestream from July 08, 2017. We were joined by previous guests Mike Donovan, Mister Shifter, and John Chapel.

Not only did we have some great conversation about our struggles and successes in the realm of DJing and promoting, but we made several big announcements:

  • We're launching our online shop! Get Passionate DJ logo merch, exclusive t-shirt designs, and even shop for all your DJ hardware needs. (Store opens later this week! Check back soon!)
  • We're launching the Passionate DJ Ambassador Program! Are you down for the cause? Give us feedback and help us spread the word about Passionate DJ. Earn points for some friendly competition, and win rewards! Click here to apply for this limited-access program.
  • We have new theme music for The Passionate DJ Podcast! Produced by our own Trip Turlington. A full new intro will be coming soon!

We also collected several polls from all you dedicated listeners who were hanging out with us in the chat room, and had a terrific live Q&A session to wrap things up.

P.S. – big apologies to Kilma and Joe Pardo, who were supposed to join us, but couldn't due to technical problems on our end!

Special thanks from David:

Stacey, Tracea, Kate, Mel Dingo, Marin, and The Ginas ™.

Thanks to Nick Gwozdz for the awesome decals, and Noel Serrato for his thoughtful voice message.

Huge props to my team. Through their hard work, The Passionate DJ Podcast is becoming something truly special. Love you guys.

Finally, thanks so much to you – our listeners. You are the reason we do this. Keep on spinning, and here's to the next hundred!