In today’s episode of the podcast, we wanted to explore some of the biggest headlines in the DJ and dance music world this summer. Of course, the hot topic right now is SoundCloud and their latest woes, so much of our time is spent speculating about the struggling streaming giant.


  • July 12: TechCrunch reports that “SoundCloud sinks as leaks say layoffs buy little time.”
  • July 13: SoundCloud responds with confidence via Resident Advisor
  • July 14: Do they have a Chance (the Rapper)?


  • Is Spotify creating fake artists?
  • Profiles with no external presence that have millions/listens


  • Stream-ripping is now the piracy method of choice
  • Research finds stream-ripping now overshadows all other methods of illegal music piracy

TomorrowLand Event Protection Methods

  • Screens 400k ticket-holders; rejects 38
  • Increased security as a defensive reaction to terrorism, according to Dancing Astronaut
  • 38 people were refused entry; other security measures were taken. (Your EDM)
  • Those 38 may have been rejected due to potential for “radical behavior”

Sony Returns to Pressing Vinyl

  • Sony resumes pressing records for first time in almost 3 decades
  • Japanese sales of vinyl records have roughly octupled from 2010 levels to 799,000 units in 2016.
  • Vinyl sales outpaced digital music sales at one point last year in the U.K. In the U.S., 17.2 million units were shipped last year, with consumers 35 and younger accounting for 70%.

Dubspot Accused of Scamming Students

  • In an article by THUMP, it is stated that Dubspot have accused its CEO Dan Giove of fraudulent activities and erratic behavior.
  • Teachers aren’t even showing up
  • Physical locations have closed

Age 37 is “Too Old” for Clubbing

  • Why is this going viral? This “research” was done by some electronics distro in the UK
  • Magnetic Mag has a few suggestions for raving past 37