In this week’s episode, Mo Dingo travels to Jamaica and brings us an interview from a local DJ and seasoned industry worker. In his chat with DJ Crazy (not to be confused with DJ Craze–that was last week), we learn about the rich and varied DJ culture in Jamaica.

The beautiful island country has been influencing the art of DJing (and music in general) on a global scale for generations. In this very raw interview, DJ Crazy explains to us the difference between a DJ and Selector. He speaks about playing for tourists vs. playing for locals, popular hardware and software, and some of the different venues he’s had experience with. And, he explains what it means to go “dub-for-dub”.

Crazy also shares his thoughts on the future of DJing in Jamaica, and his advice for up-and-coming DJs in its smaller and more rural areas. (We found it to be pretty good advice, in genera!)

Huge thanks to Mo Dingo for arranging this interview, and to DJ Crazy for sharing his wisdom and experience with us!