Way back in the day…Trip had an idea for a blog: Feature songs he loved from WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAY back in the day, telling stories and pointing out the features of these songs that he admired about them.

Well intentioned as that idea was, he just couldn't stay on top of it. Trip's a pretty busy guy, typically, and writing blog posts is no easy feat, on top of being extremely time consuming. Not to mention, he just didn't have the traffic, which led to a loss in motivation to keep it going.

Then, he brought the idea to Passionate DJ, thinking our established community might be just the motivation he needed, but at the end of the day…even with the motivation, he lacked the time.

So, now we are trying it out on the podcast! David and Trip take a trip down memory lane, talking about a handful of powerful tracks, full of yesteryear's glory, all while digging through the mail bag and answering more of your questions on the show!

We hope you enjoy these selections! Let us know what you think of this episode, and if you'd like to hear more like it!