For Episode 110, Tony is able to sneak home to talk all about his summer adventures with us.

From the grueling schedule, to the intricacies of preparing a stage for a major festival, to the different personalities, Tony doesn't pull any punches when describing his duties as a stage manager.

We also take a voicemail, where we unpack a controversial new app called Spinfire that aims to put DJs and producers together in a free marketplace. DJs offer to spin producers' tracks at live gigs for a given price, and then provide video proof of the play in order to get paid.

We explore how this is kind of similar to radio payola, and paying for inflated social media numbers. But, at its core, it really is a different, and more complicated animal, and we're not sure where we land on it.

This also prompts Tony to discuss artistic integrity with us, where he gives us some first hand accounts of the talent(less) hacking that happens with some of these huge festival headliners.

Where do YOU stand when it comes to artistic integrity, buying social media stats, and apps like Spinfire? We'd love to hear from you, so leave us a voicemail, or sound off in the comments!