Now that we are all back together for Episode 117, this seemed like a great time to do another “Ask Us Anything” episode…aka our take on #AMA. And, you guys came up with some great stuff!

Before we get started, Trip gets to drop a “toldjaso” on the crew upon learning about Pulselocker closing their doors very abruptly, leaving a lot of DJs hanging out to dry.

  • Matt See is converting vinyl to digital, and cleaning up digital files, asking for the most efficient and least soul-sucking way to manage those files.
  • DJ Big Block left us a voicemail about a crashing laptop situation, asking for the best road to recovery, as it is causing issues during his gigs.
  • og10speed is struggling to keep his weekend residency fresh.
  • Tom Reed, one of our Ambassadors, asks what our ideal bookings are, and what would be the worst?
  • Andrea left us a voicemail, wondering where to start DJing, and find a mentor that will stay patient and help her harness her love for music.
  • Brian James aka The Engineer, also an Ambassador, wants to know who was the first DJ we saw that influenced us to become DJs, ourselves?
  • basssnakemusic is currently debating between gear and software he likes and the gear and software that is more “industry standard”.

We wrap up the episode with some great advice for beginner DJs from a couple of our Ambassadors.

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