In Episode 118, we started with a show outline, and had a plan.

But, sometimes you have to deviate from the plan. What started out as some solid advice from PDJ Ambassador DJ Brains, turned in us going deep in to a tangent on each of the points proposed in his voicemail message.

Just some of the points we discuss:

  • That feeling of being overwhelmed, or getting lost, or losing motivation.
  • Overcoming the frustration of what “being a DJ” means across different groups of DJs.
  • The difference between technology as an augmentation of skill, versus relying on it, exclusively, for your artistry.

Mo Dingo also rejoins us in the studio after being on the road for his sons' football season, and we chat about our Thanksgiving plans, and some things we are thankful for 🙂


Mo describes his Traktor workflow when playing football games: