Ever wonder what you can do to set YOUR mix apart from everyone else’s? If you answered YES, then pay attention to Episode 119!

David, Trip, Tony, and Mo touch on several ways to bring something unique to a set or studio mix:

  • Create a diagram or story arc, while utilizing a design, such as a Ramp, Hill, Smile, or Waves to keep the listener interested.
  • Mix harmonically! You don’t have to be a music theory genius, but mixing within compatible harmonics is an easy way to pull off a lot of things that would be harder to do, otherwise. (Check out Mixed In Key for a leading example of key detection software).
  • Use more subtle transitions for a more cohesive listening experience. (Great for mashups)
  • Push and Pull: Use restraint and patience… but then deliver! Being able to control energy levels to convey a desired meaning, message, or feeling in a studio mix is just as crucial as reading a live crowd!
  • Changing up your genres is a guaranteed way to get everyone’s attention. Just BE CAREFUL when doing this, as it can also be a quick way to kill a vibe, if not done correctly.
  • Spontaneity and Mixing Under Pressure (ie, throw yourself under the bus). Among the many ways to do this, tagging/B2B is one of the best ways to push your comfort zone, which then allows you to learn new techniques from someone else.
  • Mix for yourself (without a plan). Record it, and examine for what you like and don’t like, and pay that forward in to the next mix you put out for public consumption.
  • Mind your technical details, such as EQing and gain staging (Check out Platinum Notes for another piece of great software by Mixed In Key that normalizes the gains of your audio library).
  • Put some effort in to the packaging & attractive album art (Check out Canva to get started, if you’re not super-handy with graphics and Photoshop)
  • Give the listener some context to relate to the message you are trying to convey.
  • Think of creative ways to share rather than add to the noise!

All of this, and MORE to listen to, as we bash on the last of our turkey leftovers, with eyes toward the upcoming holiday season!