Introducing, for Episode 120: Arguably, the driest, most nerdy, technical discussion we've had, yet! 😀

Today's episode consists of CABLES. Specifically, all of the cables you may, or may not, run in to as a DJ.

Here, we go through the differences between digital and analog signals, as well as balanced and unbalanced connections. We also get a little in to what it means to have a dirty power source, and what noise and interference are, as well as how to combat it.

The Cables!

  • RCA
  • XLR
  • TRS/TS
  • MIDI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power Cables
  • Proprietary Cables

Some parting thoughts, to keep in mind as you use and look for cables:

  • There's a lot of hype out there around what a cable is made with. Do your research and make sure the company's reputation and manufacturing standards are as high as their marketing strategy. Often, a cable with a basic shielding that was made well will actually perform better than others with colorful jackets and gold plated tips, and cost a fraction of the price.
  • Length matters – The longer a signal has to travel, the more that it takes to get it to its destination, and the more opportunity it has to pick up unwanted noise. Keep those connections as short as possible!
  • Remember that going from a low grade connection to a higher quality connection does not necessarily mean you've “upgraded” the connection. Mind the source and targets, and the required connection types. Ultimately, especially for a show, you have to make connections however you have to, but don't fool yourself in to thinking you've changed the quality of a connection with a connection adapter!