For Episode 127, we present an exclusive interview with 2nd Nature: DJ, VJ, video editor, and sound designer with a repertoire and a reputation that is second to none.

Starting as a DJ at a young age, 2nd Nature (Brett) has honed the skills it takes to rock any party to a razor's edge, from scratch battles to corporate events, and he delivers with unmatched precision.

In this interview, Brett touches on everything from how he got started, to his work flow and how under pressure he performs as if it were “second nature”, as well as what it takes to make it and maintain at his level of success. But, we also got an unprompted raw, uncensored look in to what kind of toll it can take on one's physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as a number of techniques Brett uses to combat those issues.

This interview is the kind of “real” that doesn't emerge, often, as many people don't put themselves out there, like Brett did during this episode. It serves as both an inspiration, and a warning, and it's our honor to share his insight with you.

If you are not familiar with 2nd Nature, or his body of work, we assure you, it's not hard to find. Simply Google “2nd Nature” and you get more than enough to keep your eyes, ears, and mind busy for HOURS. But, a great place to start, is the source, so we urge you to visit his website.