Episode 130 is one we've been wanting to do, for a long time. Way back when, in Episode 17, David did a show all about bad DJ gigs from the audience…and it's been a fan favorite, ever since.

There was so much ground to cover this time, that we brought in extra-special guest Firecat 451 to guest host! He's an established rock in the Midwest music scene, with his roots in Cincinnati, Ohio. He's a DJ, MC, and Producer, and has an entire repertoire of gigs ranging from headlining act, to direct support, to host and MC.

This episode is packed FULL of all kinds of stories of gigs gone wrong….from the irritating, to the painful, and the flat-out ridiculous. So strap in, because the next 90 minutes will have you laughing, cringing, and whispering “WTF?” to yourself a lot because YES….these things have actually happened to people during real DJ gigs.

What's the worst thing that has happened to YOU at a DJ gig?

Closing music credit: Trip Turlington & Firecat 451 – Push Back (Available on Base Industry Records)

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