Thanks for tuning in to Episode 131, where we bang out another installment of our popular Pick 3 series. The theme, this time? Dance Classics!

What makes a song, a classic? Totally depends on the context, time period, and the listener. What is classic for some, may not be for others. We left the term “dance classic” to be interpreted by the presenter, so it could have included anything from Funk to Disco, 80’s New Wave to 90’s Club, Warehouse Techno to UK DnB, and literally anything else in between.

We think as you listen to this episode’s candidates, you’ll agree they all fit the bill. Special thanks to Firecat 451 for joining us, again. If you missed his full introduction, make sure to check out the bad gigs episode from last week.

What are some tracks you would consider “classics” that no DJ should be without?!

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