Today’s episode is all about showing love for the HOUSE PARTY!

For Episode 132, we discuss what we like about house parties, while sharing some stories and tips for throwing and enjoying house parties.

What’s not to love about a smaller, more intimate crowd? You can generally play what you want, with lower stress than a full scale event, in an environment that’s typically a bit more lax and tolerant. This is a great place for new, up-and-coming, and veteran DJs alike, to practice in front of smaller crowds and try new things without “winging it” on a main stage.

There’s some etiquette to follow, though. Remember, this is either YOUR house or you’re entering SOMEONE ELSE’s house. So, be courteous and respectful, and be mindful of your things, and theirs.

Do you have any great house party stories? What are some of the things that make for a memorable house party, for you?

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