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We know how much you all have been digging the “genre deep dive” episodes. So here’s another coming at ya for Episode 133, with some help from a close friend of Passionate DJ: Matt Freeman.

Matt has well over 20 years experience rocking crowds of varying scenes and genres with precision, skill, and all the fun one could hope for. From industrial and goth, to techno and house, and all kinds of other music, Matt has been a mainstay in the Dayton, Ohio music scene, and for good reason.

One of the things he is known for, is dropping acid house & techno music, and being quite the connoisseur of great music in general. When he drops acid in a set, he grabs hold of his crowds and uses it as not just a party moment, but a teaching moment. Matt takes the next hour to share some of his favorite Acid tracks (known by their iconic squelchy, resonant 303 leads), while chatting about his experiences as a DJ.

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