In Episode 136, we ask….what is longtime fan? Where do you find them? How do you make them? How do you KEEP them?

Spoiler alert, we rehash SEVERAL topics that we cover frequently, here at Passionate DJ, because guess what? It's MOST relevant here, when you're trying to create and grow the audience that is in to your music and DJ craft.

  • Create more content, play more shows, get in front of more people. Is this too obvious? Sometimes not. We wear a lot of hats, these days, and it's easy to get all caught up in logos, websites, social media promo, and networking to forget what we ACTUALLY want people to know us for.
  • Give, Give, Give before you make an ask. People want stuff. They want your content, they want your swag, they want your merch…you get the idea. But, rarely do people want to be solicited. So, for people to be ok with you making any asks, make sure your giving them the value they want so you can utilize them for your own needs.
  • Use your social media to be….social. Don't use it as an autospammer. It's 2018, and the algorithms are actually doing work to reduce the spammy posts. It's the REAL stuff you post…about you, your day, your experiences, and yes, your music and events, that people get invested in. When people connect with you and feel like they are part of your story, or that you are a part of theirs, you'll get a LOT farther.
  • Networking – Get to that first “true 100” fans, and they will utilize their network to get you to 1,000. Utilize YOUR network to work with crews, promoters, and other DJs to get in front of more people and gain some of THEIR fans, while exposing them to yours. Win/Win!

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