Today’s episode features a side conversation between David and Tony, about interactions within a personal circle. You’ll hear their brainstorm session, as they discuss how to network with DJs (and other influencers within the music community) in a positive way.

As DJs, it’s often necessary to reach out to others within our community in order to help both parties reach their goals. At Passionate DJ, we try to encourage a spirit of collaboration whenever possible… and we hope that spirit shines through in this conversation.

Much of the conversation consists of David picking Tony’s brain about how he interacts with the people in his network. As a promoter, DJ, stage manager, and business owner… he’s had lots of opportunities to have these kinds of interactions.

David also describes the personal adventures he’s had this week, dealing with a flooded basement and the partial loss of his home studio.

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Main Topics

  • Tips on interacting with followers, fans, and influencers within the local community.
  • How to interact with headliners and famous people.
  • The story behind how Tony began working with rave legend Disco Donnie.
  • When it’s appropriate to make an ask from someone.
  • Breaking into new markets by reaching out to those in your network.
  • The phenomenon of fair-weather fans.
  • Building trust with those around you.