In Episode 141, we catch last week’s guest co-hosts Gerrad Wise and Cody Christianson for a deep dive in to all things Cryztal Grid. Despite being a very new performing duo, they’re getting all sorts of attention and we were able to snag them as they have just finished performing for Number Fest (16) in Athens, Ohio.

Join us as we do a deep dive in to how they met, how and what they use to perform, their methods and approach to DJing and music production, and the philosophy behind everything they do. Plus, they even share some Easter eggs, one of which is hidden right in their name.

As the face of electronic music and DJing is changing, what makes us unique is what helps us stand out from the rest. One way of doing so is incorporating live musical elements, like they have….but even that isn’t enough. We also do a deep dive in to how they planned every move to get where they are, and how they are planning to keep taking it to the next level.

We are absolutely loving these guys, as they are a breath of fresh air, in terms of music, talent, and attitude. We hope you enjoy them, their music, and this interview, as much as we do.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Introducing: Cryztal Grid.