In today’s episode of the podcast, we give our thoughts on the struggles people are having within the Passionate DJ community. We reached out to our Facebook Group, and pulled lots of great topics.

Not a member of our Facebook group? Well, what are you waiting for?

Here are some struggles which we address in Episode 148:

  • Mental stamina with longer DJ sets
  • Balancing professional life and DJing
  • Knowing and remembering digital tracks vs. records
  • Finding help with all the non-DJ stuff (promo, writing, design, video, etc.)
  • Saying no to bookings, and finding time to record mixes
  • Dealing with requests
  • Dwelling on mistakes in the mix
  • Finding new venues to play
  • Stage fright; confidence
  • Getting better gigs; playing the shows we want
  • Getting clients to leave reviews
  • Determining which DJ hardware to invest in

Tony starts out the show by telling us about his experience at Breakaway festival, and the story behind the awesome photo he took with legendary duo Sasha & John Digweed:

David also takes a few minutes to discuss other happenings within PDJ, including lots of incoming hardware reviews on our YouTube channel.

Resources mentioned in this episode: