Episode 152: The Dos and Don’ts of Mobile DJing

Today we discuss mobile DJing. If you spend your time DJing weddings, corporate gigs, private parties, or special events…. this episode may be invaluable to you, thanks to the wisdom shared by co-host Mo Dingo.

We talk about the importance of knowing your music, anxiety over the size of your music library, the need for using contracts, and more. We discuss the need to set aside ego, and the special considerations that come into place when DJing as a service.

Mo spends many of his weekends setting up DJ gear, talking on the mic, mixing music, and making sure someone’s special event is going off without a hitch. In today’s episode, David picks his brain about the struggles of mobile DJing, and they both break it down into a list of Dos and Don’ts.

Also, The Passionate DJ Podcast will be off for the month of August. So we have today’s episode, next week’s episode, and then we’ll be taking a little 4-week summer break. We’ll still be recording and posting videos to our YouTube channel in the meantime, so don’t go anywhere. We’ve already got some great shows planned once the podcast returns in September.

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