Today we're talking about DJing, growing older, and celebrating the knowledge of seasoned DJs. In Episode 153, David skims over his article Twenty DJs Over 50 Who Still Top The Bill. Along the way, we listen to various clips from these seasoned and insightful DJs, pulled from the interviews found below.

Interviews referenced in this episode:

In this conversation at Loop 2016 (presented by Ableton), Jazzy Jeff talks about how he's learned and adjusted over his years of DJing… and shares an interesting story about a conversation he had with Mac Miller.

From this interview on Radio Sunshine Live, Carl Cox talks about being successful and happy… yet needing to tune down his touring schedule for lifestyle reasons.

Giorgio Moroder tells us about his long career in music, and what it was like to become a rockstar DJ at an unusual age, in this Videodrome Discotheque interview.

Grandmaster Flash discusses what it was like to be a DJ in the 1970s, and what his favorite time period in DJing is, in this 2014 interview by Anne Mavity.

From this DJ Mag Best of British Awards 2015 video, Greg Wilson makes a few comments on the rarity of music, nostalgia, and DJing in the present day.

Joey Negro talks about how the music industry has changed in the last two decades, in this 2012 interview with DMC Magazine.

Larry Heard, also known as Mr. Fingers, drops lots of knowledge nuggets about dreams, regrets, and following trends in this Stamp The Wax interview from the end of last year.

Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, talks about his overall goal as a performer while chatting in this 2017 London Real interview.

From Billboard's Beyond The Beats series, Paul Oakenfold talks about the rise of EDM in America and modern technology in DJing.

Rounding out the episode, Pete Tong talks about how DJing has been a sort of eternal side-gig for him, and his secret to maintaining such a long career, in this O2 Academy TV interview.

We also mention Detroit techno legends Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Juan atkins. While we don't play interview clips, you can hear plenty of them in our previous episode titled The Belleville Three.

Other DJs mentioned in the episode include Ben Watt, DJ Kool Herc, Jeff Mills, Junior Vasquez, and Marley Marl.

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