We’re back from break!

In this episode, we take a Question of the Week from our Facebook Group (PassionateDJ.com/Community): “What do you wish other people understood about DJing?” We read all of your great responses to this question, and give our own reactions.

One recurring theme we found: feeling underappreciated. Do you ever feel like you don’t get enough credit for your role as a DJ? We’d love to hear your thoughts… send us a voicemail and tell us what you think.

At the beginning of the show, Tony catches us up on his stage management work on the road, as he just got back from managing the back line at Breakaway Festival. He explains how the booking process works, and the logistical puzzle that needs to be thoughtfully completedm, for a successful large-scale show. We also talk about the upcoming Paul Oakenfold show in Dayton, being thrown by 3DMentional Entertainment with direct support from our own Trip Turlington.

This episode also features a voicemail message from Matthew, asking advice about how to incorporate DJing and live performance into his current world of music production. We give our thoughts and advice on how to go about this.

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3DM pres. Paul Oakenfold: https://www.facebook.com/events/234061040696386/