Beatmatching and Real DJing (Passionate DJ Podcast #157)

In Episode 157, we talk about the idea of “real DJing”, and ask the Passionate DJ Community YOUR thoughts on beatmatching, fast-mixing, and what makes someone (or keeps someone from being) a real DJ.

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In the Group, we posted two separate questions:

– Is Beatmatching an important skill in 2018? Why or why not?

– What’s YOUR definition of a “Real DJ”?

We got a lot of similar responses, but also got a feel for the different types of things that Passionate DJs value. While some DJs find it crucial to have a core set of fundamental DJ skills, others think that intent matters more.

By defining the term “real”, are we being elitist? Are we creating an “us vs. them” scenario, where one doesn’t need to exist?

What do you think? Join the Facebook group and let us know your thoughts!