8-bit Upbringing: Music of the Commodore 64 (Passionate DJ Podcast #163)

In Episode 163, we explore the music of a quirky old box from the 1980s called the Commodore 64. Thanks to the power of its onboard synthesizer, called the SID chip, the C64 was capable of producing lots of amazing and iconic sounds.

To do this episode properly, I brought in a special co-host: my Dad.

Back when I was growing up, I watched him create several volumes of mixtapes containing the music of this weird old computer. Today, we share some of these old chiptunes with you (played from a real, vintage Commodore 64c), and explain why we love them so much. We also talk about the process of creating the mixtapes, and the thought process behind them.

While we know this episode is a bit off the beaten path, we hope you'll enjoy our little trip down memory lane. 🕹

Special Thanks:

High Voltage SID Collection

Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection

C64 Wiki

SD2IEC (SD card reader for the Commodore)