10 Traits of Unique DJs (Passionate DJ Podcast #164)

In Episode 164 of the podcast, David is joined by Passionate DJ Ambassador Greg Lane, aka Gmoney. Greg and David crawl over responses from our Passionate DJ Facebook Group, answering “What's unique about your own DJing style?” We take these responses and turn them into ten individual traits of unique DJs.

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The ten traits we discuss are:

  • Adaptability (Knowing how to pivot, working within a set of circumstances)
  • Adventurousness (Going outside of the box)
  • Eclecticism (Reaching into unlikely areas for musical inspiration)
  • Entertaining (Mic work, personality, wit)
  • Patience (Restraint as a DJ, attention span as a listener)
  • Musicianship (Using musical knowledge to your advantage)
  • Open-mindedness (Allowing ourselves to be inspired)
  • Preparedness (Putting in work now to reap the benefits later)
  • Diverseness (Playing more than one kind of music)
  • Authenticity (Staying true to yourself)

As DJs, we often get stuck in our own little box. It becomes easy to stay within our comfort zone. In today's episode, we hope to inspire you to embrace what's unique about YOUR DJing style.

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