Visiting The Asylum (Passionate DJ Podcast #165)

Today on the Passionate DJ Podcast, we’re taking a trip to The Asylum with special guest co-host Matt Freeman. What’s The Asylum? Well, during the 90s and early 2000s, it was an alternative dance club on Patterson Rd. in downtown Dayton, OH.

Matt used to DJ at this legendary local venue, which brought many different cliques and social groups together. You’d hear techno, industrial, hip hop, disco, 80s wave and all sorts of music in-between.

From the big crowded dance floor, to the staring mannequins, to the DJ booth built out of a speed boat… The Asylum was a unique experience for those who were lucky enough to visit it.

If you are a local listener, you can experience The Asylum vibe for yourself for one night only, Friday Nov. 23rd at the reunion show (hosted at Therapy Cafe, 452 E 3rd Street in Dayton.)

The Asylum, Dayton, OH

In an interview with online magazine Dayton Most Metro, Matt said of the club:

“The memories of the Asylum are endless. If you were a part of that time, you know how easy it is to still share stories with a fellow club goer even after being closed for over 13 years. Maybe it was the fact the venue brought straight edge kids, goths, punks, b-boys, ravers, college students and outcasts together and it all just made sense. You’d hear techno, industrial, hip hop, disco, 80s wave and it all simply worked. No cell phones, rarely a camera, it was what it was, and you had to be there to experience it all so you never wanted to miss a night. There was a sense of urgency to always be in attendance. “

Thanks to Matt for sharing his experiences with us!