Hometown Hustle (Passionate DJ Podcast #166)

Today, David sits down with KimL to chat about small-town DJing, electronic music, mixing hardware, and more!

Kim has been DJing for about three years, and in that time she has made a name for herself in her local scene. From warming up rooms for the likes of AC Slater and Paul Oakenfold, to her bi-monthly gig at an extremely successful Silent Disco, Kim has quickly built a resumé to be proud of.

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With a few residencies, and several headliner support gigs under her belt, Kim has hit the ground running with her DJ hustle. She insists on doing it her way (only taking gigs which are of interest to her, or her career) and treats DJing as a passion first.

Kim shares her experience as it relates to self-promotion, equality, learning to crowd read, and adjusting a failing business model.

We also take a voicemail message from Sean (which you can also do, at PassionateDJ.com!), and end with a clip from our bonus show.

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