Holiday Record Exchange (Passionate DJ Podcast #170)

It's time for one of our favorite shows: our annual Holiday Record Exchange!

In this episode of the Passionate DJ Podcast, the whole crew gets together to exchange records for Christmas. We then open the records and play them for each other, while talking about what we like about the tracks, or the memories they bring back.

Unfortunately, YouTube's algorithm is picky and not all of the publishers are cool with us sharing their music on the platform… so we had to cut a lot of the content out. We'll be setting those clips aside to give to our supporters at Patreon. 

David, Tony, Trip and Mo all have a great time in this episode as we share some laughs, and prepare to wrap up another great year of podcasting… as well as continuing to become better DJs through passion and purpose.

SPOILER ALERT: track listing is below.
Stop reading if you don't want to see it!






Milli Vanilli – Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
The Outfield – Your Love
Gravediggaz – Defective Trip
Prodigy – Keep it Thoro
R.L. Burnside – Poor Black Mattie
The Osborne Brothers – Rocky Top
The Egyptian Lover – Dubb Girls
Outkast – Rosa Parks
Midnight Star – Don't Rock The Boat
Tower of Power – Rock Baby
Tiffany – Could've Been
Cheap Trick – The Flame
The Whispers – Rock Steady

Stay tuned for the bonus episode, for the other half of the songs.

Happy Holidays!