Mixing Up Athens w/B-Funk (Passionate DJ Podcast #174)

On today's episode we sit down with B-Funk: a multi-format, multi-faceted DJ from Athens, OH. Brandon drove several hours to meet with the team and talk shop. He's a long-time fan and supporter of Passionate DJ, so it was great to take the opportunity to put him behind the mic!

We enjoyed speaking with Brandon about his experience with DJing and promotion in Athens. While we are in the same state, we live quite far apart. Athens shares some common traits with our own city of Dayton, but also has some unique struggles.

B also brings a lot of varied experience to the table: he's worked in the festival circuit, he's played bars, he knows how to rock a college crowd, he's experienced with playing weddings, and he's played his own share of “passion gigs”. We appreciated hearing his varied perspective. Check him out at DJBFunk.com.

B-Funk has been producing music since late 2012. He started making house edit and trap bootlegs of classic hip hop songs before stepping into making original house music tracks in 2013.

Raised on Hip Hop and Top 40 music in his home of Athens, Ohio he has a strong understanding of the crowd and uses this past knowledge to weave a seamless mix between Electro, Progressive, Trap, Moombah, and Party Jams in his sets. B-FUNK is a DJ first, that keeps things fresh with a constant mix of genres and styles focused on creating a truly kinetic experience.