Direct Support (Passionate DJ Podcast #176)

Back in September, Paul Oakenfold visited our hometown, and played a set that none of us will soon forget. Our very own Trip Turlington was tasked with the responsibility of being direct support… in other words, he would play before Paul, and ultimately hand the decks over to him.

Today we take a look back on that special day, as Trip takes a deep dive into his approach to the music on that night. He talks about the importance of maintaining energy without “showboating” or burning out too early. We discuss the planning process, and his approach to track selection. And we discuss how closely Trip followed his original plans, vs. how much he had to pivot in the moment.

Overall, this is an intimate glimpse into the mindset of a DJ tasked with what is arguably the most crucial time slot of the night… the one immediately before the headliner.

Back before the show, we had a similar conversation with Trip in our bonus show. He talked about what he might play, and the directly he might take his set. Those of you who subscribe to us on Patreon have an extra layer of context, which makes his story even more interesting!