Episode 177: Ask Us Anything IV

This week, we bring back our #AMA segment and answer your questions, as received through our Facebook community page. If you’re not already a member, you can join at https://passionatedj.com/community.

This is the fourth time we’ve done this segment, and we really had a great selection of questions to choose from. Here’s what we answer in this episode:

Vinyl. We are seeing a strong return of the physical support for the music. For a beginner DJ, is it still worth it? Does it still represent an added value from the point of view of club managers, people, fans, etc. (Giacomo R.)

Specifically for Tony, how do you figure out what you’re willing to pay when booking talent? I’ve heard rough numbers like 50% of expected ticket sales, any insight to guidelines such as that would be appreciated! (Jackson F.)

I wanna hear your views on the new Akai Force. Game changer? Can I trash my Mac, yet? (Jordan R.)

Production of this show. Is there a profit in there, or is it completely a labor of love? What makes you do what you do? How much would you say you have invested into the show since day one? (Corey S.)

I played live for over 6 hours this weekend, and there were multiple intoxicated dancers that were banging things and making so much noise that I couldn’t hear in my headphones, monitor, or even the PA to correct the pitch during mixing. What do other DJs do when things like this are happening? (Matthew M.)

I’m looking for advice on how to organize my music on USB stick without using playlists, rekordbox, iTunes or anything else… just by using folders and subfolders. (Eren K.)

Where’s the line between being pushy and asking for help? As a newer DJ, I’ve been asking friends and fellow DJs to listen to mixes. Just want to revisit some best practices for breaking in to the scene to get behind the decks in the club. (Adam C.)

What do you do when you hit a long bridge? Continue working on your beat matching and EQ? Take a break? Look forward to possible tracks down the line? I occasionally find myself frustrated just waiting for the track to kick back in. (Scott C.)

What was the longest set you prepared for? How do you prepare for sets? (Christopher L.)

When do you upgrade your gear? When it breaks? When a new version comes out? What motivates you? Being forced or enticed? (B-Funk)

How long do we plan on being DJs? 😆 lol. When are you guys throwing a PDJ party? (DJ Serrato)