Knocking The Dust Off (Ep. 183)

In today's episode, David and Trip talk about DJ hardware upgrades, the struggles of time management, the pros and cons of RGAS (Rapid Gear Acquisition Syndrome), gaining motivation, and general life stuff.

Trip recently picked up a new production toy, trading up his old Native Instruments Kontrol S25 keyboard for the sexy new edition of the S49, with all black keys. We get his first impressions on the new keyboard, talk about some of the latest features of Kontrol and MASCHINE, and drool over the “murdered out” look.

We also spend a little bit of time discussing the struggles of committing to a particular DJ platform. While most “typical” DJ gigs at a club lean towards the ease of use of Rekordbox, there's something to be said about the features offered by other software-centric companies like Native Instruments or Serato.