Going Up & Up w/MASIN (Ep. 187)

Today's episode features Matt Masin, a DJ from Long Island who has been doing serious work as a club and festival DJ for the past year and a half. Matt joined us for a two-part interview about Up & Up Festival, for which he was playing direct support under headliner Elephante.

The Up & Up's innovative guerrilla ticketing system is simple: students crowdsource demand on their campuses leading up to a 48-hour competition period, and the top colleges with the most pre-orders win a festival. The Festival Series launched in 2016, with headliner Cash Cash, and expanded nationwide in 2017 and 2018, featuring Alan Walker, GRYFFIN , Two Friends & Slushii, Lost Kings and Elephante.

As a relatively new DJ, Masin has gained more experience in the past year than many DJs ever will. We wanted to talk to him about his active new music career, and get a feel for how he approaches his music. And it's a good thing we asked, because Matt drops a lot of golden nuggets in today's episode.

We also get some perspective from co-host and stage manager Tony DeSaro, who tells us about the problems he needed to solve leading right up to the moment the first DJ hit “play”!

Coming soon to YouTube: our latest entry in the “Day of the Big Show” series, featuring Up & Up Festival.

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