Ten Years Ago: 2009 (Ep. 188)

As the third entry in our “Ten Years Ago” series, today's episode will focus on the music and happenings of 2009. From the death of the King of Pop, the creation of Glee, and the launch of Farmville… we leave no stone unturned as we explore the events of a decade ago.

Of course, we discuss the DJ hardware that was launched that year (ever hear of a little something called the CDJ-2000?) and the winners of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll. We listen to a few best-selling 2009 tracks on Beatport, and learn what words were added to the lexicon that year.

Before diving in to our main topic, we take some time to discuss the latest release from Pioneer, the XDJ-XZ standalone DJ system, and how it stacks up vs. the Denon DJ Prime 4.

Reloop MIXON 4 Review Video

Other stuff coming soon:

  • Hands-on reviews of the Denon Prime X1800 & SC5000
  • Video: Day of the Big Show (Up & Up Festival)
  • Update to Controller Compendium; Best DJ Controllers 2020 episode
  • Holiday episodes!

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