Holiday Record Exchange (Ep. 190)

⚠️ This episode contains gangsta rap with loads of swearing. You have been warned!

We're back with another Holiday episode! In one of our favorite shows of the year, all four Passionate DJ hosts exchange records with each other for Christmas. We then share our spoils with you by playing samples from each record, and giving our reactions as we listen together.

We cover a lot of ground this year, as we always do. Expect to hear pop, 80s rock, blues… and yes, tons of hip-hop.

David, Tony, Trip and Mo all have a great time in this episode as we share some laughs, and prepare to wrap up another great year of podcasting… as well as continuing to become better DJs through passion and purpose.

We'll keep the tracklist quiet this time… listen to find out.

Happy Holidays, Passionate DJ fam. We'll see you next week for our annual New Year's Special!