Community Queries (Ep. 194)

In Episode 194, we focus on The Passionate DJ Community – an official Facebook Group for fans of Passionate DJ and other music lovers. David scrolls through the past few months of posts, picking out a few questions and giving responses from the microphone.

Here are some of the questions that are covered:

➡️ Will the Pioneer XDJ-RX2 work properly with Traktor software?

➡️ When it comes to DJing, are all USB thumb drives equal?

➡️ Where do you keep your DJ collection, and is it combined with your “listening music”?

➡️ What's the best program for changing the key of a song?

➡️ In creating a DJ mix, how do you create “flow”?

➡️ What are your thoughts on the Reloop Kut mixer, and the KRK Rokit studio monitors?

➡️ At what age did you decide that you wanted to create music?

➡️ How do you stay prepared to play on any available DJ equipment (Rekordbox vs. Serato vs. Traktor, etc.)?

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