New Music, New Mountains (Ep. 196)

On today's episode, we are visited by Cody and Gerrad of the band Cryztal Grid. This is the first time they've been on the show since moving across the country. We wanted to catch up with the fellas, and hear what they've been up to in the past year. The Cryztal Grid project has relocated, but is it still going strong?

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Since their inception in 2017, Cryztal Grid has exploded into the electronic music scene. Their live sets infuse a wide variety of bass music with live saxophone and both organic and electronic drums. Cody and Gerrad combine their rhythmic and melodic talents to create an experience, self-titled as, Rhythm Meets Melody. Similarly, they utilize their unique personalities and perspectives to create emotionally charged, melodic bass music. They center their production and live shows around connecting with people, sharing experiences, and inspiring listeners to be their best, happy selves.

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