Bad DJ Gigs III (Ep. 198)

That’s right, it’s that time again…

Our Bad DJ Gig Stories series is BACK for a third installment, featuring several previous guests of The Passionate DJ Podcast, as well as submissions from our Facebook group. Since the world is basically on lockdown right now, we thought it was a good time to remember how going out isn’t always sunshine and rainbows!

In this episode:

  • a story from B-Funk on a drunken wedding guest
  • a stormy submission from Corrupt
  • a sudden health emergency described by DJ Axcess
  • Chris Heckman’s touring tales from abroad
  • Alex (The DJ Hookup) and stories from times past
  • a last-minute panic from MASIN
  • a literal news story involving our very own Trip Turlington

… and submissions from our Passionate DJ Community group on Facebook, which you can join here:

Stay safe out there!