Black A.M. Takes The Lead (Ep. 204)

Today we're joined by Vegas-based DJ/Producer Black A.M. We talk about his journey through music, including his former role lead guitarist for Machine Gun Kelly and touring with NGHTMRE.

In the last decade, multi-talented instrumentalist/producer/writer Sinclair Wheeler (born in Indianapolis)was signed as rapper MGK’s guitarist for multiple tours, Wheeler went on to perform live, as direct support, during NGHTMRE’s recent “The Portal Tour,” and has collaborated, performed alongside, and touched hundreds of artists, industry figures, and fans along the way.

Few have been as heavily immersed in US electronic music culture as Black AM. Pair this with a lifelong devotion to music, and you have the groundwork of something that will turn heads and stir souls.

Thanks so much to Sinclair for joining us today on the podcast!