Shacked Up w/Fatty Lumpkin (Ep. 207)

Today we are speaking with highly-skilled turntablist, hip-hop aficianado, and all-around nice guy Fatty Lumpkin. After coming up around the rave scene and finding an interest in DJing, he eventually honed his skills in hip-hop… becoming a member of the former Skratchmatik crew. Now, he plays regular private gigs for comedy legend Dave Chappelle… sometimes multiple times a week.

We ask Fatty about what he does, and how he got to where he is as a DJ. He tells us a little bit about what it's like to perform at socially-distanced gatherings, and the precautions they take to stay safe. He tells us what it was like to be standing just out of the camera frame, when the now-iconic “8:46” segment was recorded. (Hint: it was emotional.)

All in all, we want to thank Fatty (aka Jesse Twopair) for showing up and telling us about performing live, his approach to DJing, and what it's like to basically be Dave Chappelle's resident DJ!

To start the show out, we also discuss the release of the new RANE TWELVE MKII and RANE SEVENTY-TWO MKII.