It's our second annual “Resolutions” episode! We take several questions from listeners like you, and try to help DJs find resolutions to their problems in order to have a fresh start to the new year.

Don't forget… we take questions all year long. Leave a voicemail and be featured on the show!

Before we got down to business, of course, we had to talk about the big announcement: the Technics 1200 turntables are coming back!

Here are the questions we helped you answer in episode 27:

  • Is it a good idea to focus on a specific genre, or to take on more diverse gigs?
  • Is using vinyl and Serato holding me back as a DJ?
  • What steps should I take to get DJ bookings outside of my own city
  • I’ve reached a plateau… how can I get the most out my practice sessions?

We even get a cameo appearance from Kilma! She provides some insight towards getting bookings in other cities, and how to make the approach. As always, great to hear from you, Kilma!

Special thanks to DJ TABLETTZ, who left this very nice feedback via voicemail:

“Hello, thank you very much for the opportunity. But I want you to know anything you send to me all the time is not being wasted. I read it, I take what I’m supposed to take out of it… I appreciate your time, and I say, Happy New Year. Cheers.”

Oh, one more thing. We got to announce a small milestone: 10,000 plays. Thanks so much for your support!

Thanks again, Passionate DJs, and we'll see you next week for episode 28!

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

Kilma's Blog:

Mister Shifter's Logo Concept (DJ Porpoise?)