In Episode 31, our good friend Steve Gillson, aka Silent Gloves dropped by Dayton Studios just before we started recording, to say hi. Instead, we held him against his will and made him do an interview with us!

Over the course of the hour, we talk about his earlier accomplishments as a Drum and Bass DJ & producer, and how that evolved in to Silent Gloves and Power 85. We also discuss what synthwave is, and the qualities in old school radio jocks that Steve strives to bring back in his weekly live show at (Power 85's LIVE show can be found on MixLR on Friday nights!)

And, of course, everyone is talking about SFX filing for bankruptcy, and RAM Records being acquired by BMG…so while David, Tony, and Trip Turlington barely scratch the surface, there'll be plenty more to talk about on those topics as we see more of what happens!

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